/THANK YOU – EVERYONE – October Community Food Drive

THANK YOU – EVERYONE – October Community Food Drive

We had an excellent food drive for 2019. We had delivered 6,098 brown bags to houses in the Vandalia/Butler area. We recovered 1,116 brown bags filled with food (THANK YOU). We had 141 volunteers work a total of 493 hours during the event. We received 14,004 food items in the drive. This will help us continue our mission of helping families in need in the Vandalia/Butler community.

The October Community Food Drive will take place the weekend of October 12th and 13th. On Saturday, October 12th, community teams will be dropping off a brown sack with a food pantry flyer and donation envelope on the front porch of the local community residents. Local residents are asked to give generously and place the brown sack on their porches before Sunday, October 13th at 9:00am. On Sunday, October 13th, community teams will move through the same neighborhoods and pickup the filled brown sacks from the porch of the local residents.

Later on Sunday, October 13th, the same teams will meet together at St Christopher School in the Emmaus Center to sort the food items for transport over to the Vandalia Butler Food Pantry.

Please give generously – your support helps us fight hunger in the local Vandalia-Butler community.